Journal paper
Entry YearPublicationAuthor
1092020,Assessing Human Health Risk of Arsenic for Rice Consumption by an Iron Plaque Based Partition Ratio Model,Science of the Total Environment ,通訊作者Bo-Ching Chen
1092020,Aspects of cultivar variation in physiological traits related to Cd distribution in rice plants with a short term stress,Botanical Studies,61,pp27-第二作者Bo-Ching Chen
1092020,長期照顧服務管理系統使用滿意度之研究,管理與資訊學報,25,pp85-118第三作者You, Guo-Ren
1092020,A Prototype Design of ECG and EMG Acquisition System with Novel Lossless Data Compression and Baseline Wandering Cancellation Algorithms,International Journal of Electrical Engineering,27,3,pp77-91第一作者Shin-Chi Lai
1092020,Effect of Different Extraction Methods on Major Bioactive Constituents at Different Flowering Stages of Japanese Honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica Thunb.),Journal of Agronomy and Agricultural Science,3,1,pp21-29通訊作者Bo-Ching Chen
1092020,Integrated Chinese Herbal Medicine and Western Medicine on the Survival in Patients with Colorectal Cancer: A Retrospective Study of Medical Records,Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine,第三作者Wu, Mei-Chun
1082020,The Research of Memory Networks with Multi-hop Attention and Memory Relations,IJCLCLP,通訊作者chiung hon leon lee
1082020,The Inhibiting Effects of Resistance to change of Disability Determination System: A Status Quo Bias Perspective,BMC Medical Informatics and Decision Making,第四作者Chen, Sing-Liang
1082020,A Multichannel MAC Protocol for IoT enabled Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks,AITI,5,1,pp45-55第一作者CHIEN MIN WU
1082019,Cluster-Based Distributed MAC Protocol for Multichannel Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks,IEEE ACCESS, 10.1109/ACCESS.2019.2917906,7,1,pp65781-65796第一作者CHIEN MIN WU
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